Transistor Sound Ripper

Hi again everyone!

This time I’ve made a Transistor Sound Ripper. It’s quite a bit more difficult to set up but it does work. It’s very similar to something made by someone else, but wasn’t actually based off of it. I think this also has few more features.

Source here (C++)

Steps to set up:

  1. Get and install the FMOD Studio Programmer’s API and Low Level Programmer API
  2. Install it. On linux copy the files in the zip you get above from /api/*/lib/x86_64/* to /usr/local/lib, run sudo ldconfig then export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib
  3. Get the source from above link. Adjust two things: First, change ERRCHECK(lowLevelSystem->setPluginPath("/home/matthew/Documents/FMOD/test")); on line 246 so that the dll/so/dylib named “FModPlugins” (which is found in the transistor install directory under lib64) can be found at the path written. I.E, for me I copied out the file “” into “/home/matthew/Documents/FMOD/test”, so that’s why it works for me. Second, adjust SOUND_DIR at the top of the file to where the file can be found on your hard drive (It’s in the transistor installation directory, just modify mine so it fits yours).
  4. Compile source from pastebin with the following command: g++ test.cpp -m64 -o test -I/PATHTOFMODZIP/api/studio/inc -I/PATHTOFMODZIP/api/lowlevel/inc -lfmodstudio -lfmod -lpthread (assuming you named the saved the source as “test.cpp”). You should also be able to do this in visual studio fairly easily. Just make sure you add the libraries to the project properties.
  5. Run the resultant exe!

At this stage, you can see every single audio clip in the game, and you can play them by typing in their ID number. There’s a lot of interesting stuff here. There’s actually 3 lines that Red says:

  • “Why would I want to stay out there, while you’re still in here”
  • “Oh shut up already”
  • “Why would I want to be out there, while you’re in here”

I don’t recall hearing them in the game, only the last one where she says “Hey”.

If you wish to record the output to a file, uncomment line 275 and recompile.

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