Akebi Beta

Thanks so much for trying out the beta! Let's get started by picking the option that best represents you below:

Backup your data

Open Akebi, tap the '⋮' button and then press 'Options':
Akebi home screen with overflow menu button highlighted
Akebi home screen with options button highlighted
Tap 'General options':
General options highlighted
Tap 'Backups':
Backup options highlighted
Tap 'Create Backup':
Create backup highlighted
At this point, Akebi will ask you to select a location to place the backup. You can pick anywhere on your device. Once you select a location, you should see a message appear for a short time:
General options highlighted
That's it! All your data is now backed up at that location.

Sign up for the beta

To access the beta, you must first sign up for it on Google Play (even if it's not installed yet). Click the "Go to the sign up page" button below, and then select the "Become a tester" button.
Google Play testing page progression

Wait for the update to appear

At this point, you need to wait a few hours (usually it takes me maybe 5 minutes) for the beta version to apply to your account. You might need to go in and out of the play store page before the “Open” button will turn into the “Update” button like below. If you haven't installed Akebi yet, feel free to install it now and then await the update.
Google Play update available


With the beta installed, you can now test it to your hearts content! Thanks so much!