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  1. Ahmed


    I wrote a comment on Google play about the stroke number of the radicals and you told me that you didn’t find a way to count them
    I think you already know this website but i use it often for the search by radicals and it has the number of strokes of the radicals 😉
    hope that helps


    1. Craxic

      Thanks for that Ahmed! I’ll take a look later!

  2. Christian

    Hi again,

    Thanks for the swift reply on my Akebi feedback! And sorry for my fuzzy reference: This is the dictionary I was referring to. One nice thing about it is that other dictionaries from the same author use the same character codes.

    How did you manage to integrate the codes of so many different dictionaries? Could you take advantage of existing index lists? Maybe I could try to talk to the author and see if he can provide mappings to other dictionaries.


    1. Craxic

      Hey Christian.

      Akebi’s data comes from Kanjidic2. If you’re interested in getting Akebi to support this dictionary, best to make contact with them and then let me know when they’ve updated their database. You could also create the indexes yourself and send them to me (basically, you’d need to make a text file with every kanji on a separate line, followed by a space, followed by the kanji index). I could then make contact with the kanjidic2 authors on your behalf.


  3. Christian

    Perfect, I’ll keep you updated!

  4. Conny

    Hey! First of all, thanks for this great app, it’s really helpful! I have a question concerning import/export: I already have a few lists and I’d like to export them on my phone so I can print them out. But when I enter the name of a folder (it reports that it exists) and push the “export” button, nothing happens… Am I supposed to create some kind of empty file in the folder or something like that? I hope that you can help me out!

    1. Craxic

      Hey there! When you’re exporting a file, you need to type the whole file name to export to. So, not just the folder name, add a file name on the end. After that, it should work out OK. Let me know how you go! Thanks!

  5. mmsscc

    No updates since early December ? Matthew, are you dead?

    1. Craxic

      Hi there,

      Nope! Not dead yet. Just stupidly busy doing an internship in Japan. Don’t worry, I’m still making slow work here and there.


  6. hazie

    hello there, i dearly love the Akebi app as a great tool for storing words and kanji i learn in lists by categories
    I lost a lot of data once last year and have since regularly backed up
    buuut today when i turned my phone on ALL my lists were just gone
    i clicked ‘load’ in the options but absolutely nothing came back :/
    is there ANYTHING else i can do?

    i know you’re working on stopping this happening
    would it be possible to have actual akebi accounts?? or backup things to email rather than to some mystery file location??
    thank you !!

    1. Craxic

      Hi there! I’m so sorry about the loss of data!! For some reason, some phones delete Akebi’s data at seemingly random intervals. I’ve fixed this in the beta version, so please update to that for now here: Please check the folder “AkebiBackups” on the root of your device for the backup files. If you did indeed do a backup, and you haven’t overwritten them, we can get your data back. Please check that directory and let me know how big each file is (in bytes)! Again, I’m really sorry about that.

  7. Alberto

    Hi. Great job with Akebi.
    By the way, it looks like dissapeared from play store. It’s everything ok?

    1. Craxic

      Yep! It’s all back to normal now! Thanks for the message.

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